Managing the care of a loved one can become overwhelming very quickly. Restrictive financial means and disagreements with family members can be heartbreaking. Knowing where to turn for the right help in the community can be confusing. When these situations arise, obtaining assistance from Hyatt Care Management can make all the difference.


Hyatt Care Management can provide options for many in-home care services. Services can be hired privately or from a licensed agency. Find out more here.


Dad just passed away. Mom has dementia and can't be left alone. We don't want to send her to a nursing home. What options do we have?


At Hyatt Care Management, we believe that providing care and support to a loved one goes above and beyond just care and comfort.


Most of us desire to live in our own homes for as long as possible as we age. However, if we need alternatives, what are the options?


 Care Plans and Assessments

We will meet with you, identify problems or concerns, and help you solve care issues by providing a Plan of Care.

 From Hiring a Care Manager to Getting the Help I Need

Your Care Manager is trained to objectively assess each situation, listening carefully to the needs of both seniors and family members, and help arrange in-home care if needed.

 Testimonials and References

Want to know what others are saying about the services provided by Hyatt Care Management?


Hyatt Care Management has been involved in formal and informal educational opportunities for care providers and staff since the mid 1980s.

 Community Support

Hyatt Care Management is proud to support, serving local high schools throughout the northwest.



What Grandma Taught Me...

As my parents joyfully welcomed me in the world on a crisp spring day in the maternity floor of our local hospital, my grandma was rushed to the same hospital ER suffering the first of many strokes. I vaguely remember my grandma without the support of a walker or wheelchair. And sometimes I think those vague memories are more from pictures I find in our family photo album or stories I've been told, than my actual memory. 

One anecdote from Grandma that I am particularly fond of is how she would rescue me from the discipline due a misbehaving grandchild, and with a teaspoon of sugar, sweeten the rottenness right out of me. Go Grandma!

It was a few short years later, as a young teen, we visited my grandparents on one of our many family vacations. I remember sitting next to grandma on the couch as she sat in her stiff metal wheelchair. Grandkids running here and there and busy cooks in the kitchen made for an active morning. Grandma was not very happy. She was irritated, crying and kept repeating that she wanted to 'Go Home'. Not knowing what else to do, I sat next to her and tried to console her. "Grandma", I said, "this is your home. See all your things? You've lived here for many years. You are home." It was then that Grandma had had enough and in a moment of absolute frustration, raised her fist toward me, stopping short with tears running down her cheeks. 

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